H2K2 Pics!

H2K2 was A BLAST!!!!  It was really fantastic.

I would like to thank all those who worked so hard on making it so good.


So So here they are!  These pictures suck because they were all shot with

a disposable camera.  Many didn't come out because I forgot

flash or some other shit, but what are you going to do?

H2K2 booklet!!!



H2K2 general access pass.


A crowd patiently waits for the CDC upstairs.


What is a virus.  V1RU5 explains!!!


Telerama (those fantastic people) donated computers for people to use!!!


A street shot of no real importance.


A pigeon and a statue in central park.


The CDC calvalcade includes the wonderful singing of these guys.  Honey... you got drunk! (I want the MP3!!!)


Sell me something!!!!!


People watching in central park.


The scene from outside our hotel room.



iAtari games galore!


One of the guys from Negativland speaks out!


Macki crowd surfs to the CDC!!!


Look at this cut-away lock Barry "the key" shows us!


Kids playing with an Atari!  Ain't it great!


Look at these vintage pieces!


   Play those green-and-white games!!


Free Stuff?!?!?!?  This guy likes free stuff!


Jello looking at a corporate record he found.


Jello talking about how it truly is!!!


Interview with a hacker.


The info guys pose for a pic.  Damn I can't take pics!


An outside look of the Hotel Pennsylvania.


Pick that key Barry!!!


The 2600 van outside the hotel.



I saw this headline on TV and I had to take a picture!


The DJ is spinning mad crazy shit!


Guests are checking in and Cheshire is programming on a Tandy!


Check in!


An appreciative crowd.


A confused crowd checking out the CDC!


Here is me talking to Grandmaster Ratte'.

I didn't know someone got this shot but I am glad they did!

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